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Healthy employees are happy employee’s! 

We believe that when healthy we are able to rise to and manage challenges more effectively, we are able to adapt to the changes we all face in the working world and we’re able to manage life’s stresses with more ease.


The long term goal is to embed health and wellbeing programme that everyone can embrace as part of the cultural identity of what it means to work for the company. 

Logistics Co-ordinator

We talked with Reihana about time restricted fasting (TRF) and how he's progressing on his health and wellness journey...

faialaga faumuina

Guillotine Operator

We talked with Faialaga about a recent health scare and his new focus on being there for his children. Faialaga mentions an interesting point in the way he was brought up in Samoa being much different to today and moving to New Zealand in 2010.

It's great to hear that he and the family are cutting down on things like processed food and we look forward to hearing more from Faialaga in the future!



lee kellow

Bindery / Logistics Manager

We talked with Lee about what changes he's found with new focus on health and wellbeing at Webstar...

bernie roberts

CEO, Webstar

Welcome to the Webstar Wellness Programme. This is something myself and the management team are fully committed to and truly believe is a win win for the company and for you. 

When you feel healthier and stronger, you are also less likely to hurt yourself. All of these things help both the company and you. 

In terms of this programme - what you put into it will determine what you get out of it. Let’s get started!!