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Webstar Wellness Hub Description

Healthy employees are happy employees! This is the 1st edition of Webstar’s health and wellbeing programme. The long term goal is to embed a health and wellbeing programme that everyone can embrace as part of the cultural identity of what it means to work for the company. 

In years past there was a common misconception that health and wellbeing rested solely on the shoulders of the individual, this came with the tag line: “it's his/her personal responsibility”. That attitude has seen the rise and rise of the obesity epidemic and mental health issues per capita that no Kiwi is proud of. 

Thankfully we’ve wised up to it. Building a healthy organisation/country takes a strong, dedicated community. We all need to work together to hold each other to account and ensure vulnerable members of our groups don’t get left behind. 

Wellbeing is not about “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. It’s about the one percenters; the day to day activities that over time accrue like compounding interest and have a massive long term impact on the health of you and your family.

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