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May 8

Your Food Tables



Nutrition is the supply of nutrients to your body to promote health, growth, and life. The guidelines here are quite simple. Adhere to them and watch the magic happen!


Nutrition guidelines:

  1. ​Your eating should stay within your TRF window

  2. Follow 'your food tables' to construct your meals (click here)





Things to keep in mind:

  • ​Start by aiming for 3 meals per day, snack options available too

  • Listen to your body. Sometimes you only feel like 2 meals a day. Don’t force feed yourself because you think you have to. Just eat when you’re actually hungry!

  • Food prep is your friend! Cook plenty in one go and store them in containers for future lunches and dinners to make things easy for yourself and avoided temptation.

  • Eat the rainbow. No we don’t mean candy. We mean eat a range of vegetables with different colours. Each has its own unique set of benefits, and your body thrives on diversity.

  • We don’t believe in counting calories. Use the innate intelligence of your body. Listen to what your body is telling you. It takes practice because we are so out of touch, but try to govern your meal sizes bigger or smaller depending on your energy levels and how you feel overall.

  • Make it easy for yourself. Find some recipes you love and that work in your lifestyle and make them staples.

  • Get the family onboard!

New Posts
  • i cycle to work. I go hard out over a hilly 15km route at around 29-30km/h. I’m doing the 16/8 fasting and so would normally start filling my face at midday. Most protein/recovery shakes advise to take within 45 mins of finishing. So, my question is, should I have the shake when I get to work at 6am or wait till midday?
  • This is my favorite probiotic, a Slavic/Baltic beverage made from fermented rye bread. You got to be a little brave to drink this at the start. Has a taste that feels like it will put hairs on your chest thus it takes a little getting use to but well worth the health benefits. Mainly due to kombucha becoming mainstream and a little "Hollywood" its my natural inclination to go for an alternative and root for the underdog. Give it a try and see what you think. Kvas with blueberry is my favorite.
  • I love kombucha, ACV, Greek yoghurt, and Kvass for my probiotics. With occasionally some Sauerkraut and Sour Dough bread. I try to avoid anything that's not overly natural but these Pro and Prebiotic protein bars are pretty good too and I enjoy them as a "sweet treat" substitute along with protein supplementation.