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Jun 17

"My Meal Prepping" It's all about the "protein & produce" Try and use all the colours of the rainbow and make it organic.




Looks like its going to be very tasty. Can we all have some! :)


I could bring some samples in for sure :-)

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  • i cycle to work. I go hard out over a hilly 15km route at around 29-30km/h. I’m doing the 16/8 fasting and so would normally start filling my face at midday. Most protein/recovery shakes advise to take within 45 mins of finishing. So, my question is, should I have the shake when I get to work at 6am or wait till midday?
  • This is my favorite probiotic, a Slavic/Baltic beverage made from fermented rye bread. You got to be a little brave to drink this at the start. Has a taste that feels like it will put hairs on your chest thus it takes a little getting use to but well worth the health benefits. Mainly due to kombucha becoming mainstream and a little "Hollywood" its my natural inclination to go for an alternative and root for the underdog. Give it a try and see what you think. Kvas with blueberry is my favorite.
  • I love kombucha, ACV, Greek yoghurt, and Kvass for my probiotics. With occasionally some Sauerkraut and Sour Dough bread. I try to avoid anything that's not overly natural but these Pro and Prebiotic protein bars are pretty good too and I enjoy them as a "sweet treat" substitute along with protein supplementation.