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Sep 20

i cycle to work. I go hard out over a hilly 15km route at around 29-30km/h. I’m doing the 16/8 fasting and so would normally start filling my face at midday. Most protein/recovery shakes advise to tak
Jun 20

Think of your gut as the gateway to your health. Your entire body relies on a well balanced gut in order for it to be able to function perfectly, preventing illness and other health implications. Gut
Apr 29

Water is your most important nutrient. Weight loss is a natural by-product of a hydrated body. Some studies have shown that by drinking water before meals, significantly more weight is lost than those
Jun 25

This is my favorite probiotic, a Slavic/Baltic beverage made from fermented rye bread. You got to be a little brave to drink this at the start. Has a taste that feels like it will put hairs on your ch
Jun 17

Jun 21

I love kombucha, ACV, Greek yoghurt, and Kvass for my probiotics. With occasionally some Sauerkraut and Sour Dough bread. I try to avoid anything that's not overly natural but these Pro and Prebiotic
May 8

Nutrition is the supply of nutrients to your body to promote health, growth, and life. The guidelines here are quite simple. Adhere to them and watch the magic happen! Nutrition guidelines: ​Your eati