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Apr 21

Welcome to the Wellness Forum


Edited: May 8

It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share anything - stories, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your mind. Here you can start discussions, connect with members, reply to comments, and more.


What is this?


It's a health & wellness resource built for you, our valued Webstar team. This is where we will share resources and we encourage you to get involved. If you engage with this programme, we are confident you'll notice the difference and have a positive impact on the people around you.


It's yours, so make it your own! Here's what you should do:

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  • Awesone effort from these guys today. First day back in the gym after a very very long sabbatical. I'm very proud of Fialanga for taking the right steps to getting his health and fitness back on track especially after suffering some sickness and ailments that have resulted from poor nutrition and lack of exercise very recently. With the wellness program and encouragement from the webstar team I know he'll be back firing on all cylinders sooner rather then later. Then Rei who is looking to keep ontop of his fitness to ensure he keeps getting up and down the rugby field for the Waitemata Seagulls along with keeping up with his teenage son. Show him you're still the boss Rei!!!!!
  • I started to come down with a cold last week so tried some of Gareths advice Raw Garlic - 1 clove every 3-4 hours, lots of hot lemon drinks (no honey) and an antihistame tablet to dry up my nose Did that Friday - Sunday and feel way better today. Munching on raw garlic was a bit of a challenge though!!
  • With our wellness programme in full swing, we thought it was time to say hello and welcome to the members who have recently joined the Hub! A very warm welcome to… @Bex Hoy @marie.pickwell @madeline.holden @ingrid.williams @lee.kellow @olly.tichen @hilary.keen Tell us a little about yourselves! What's something you've tried recently that made you feel great? Comment, like and give support to your fellow teammates as we embark on this health journey together.